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A/C Air Conditioning Guides

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Save on Repair Bills with All Car's A/C Guide and Tips and Troubleshooting Checklist before you bring in your car to save time and money



A/C Air Conditioning Auto Consumer Problem Solving Tips
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Print out your Free Auto A/C Checklist and Keep it in your Auto

There are many things that can cause your A/C to malfunction. All Car wants to offer you some tips and guidance to help you and us determine what is wrong before you bring in your car. In other Section on A/C Maintenance and Recharging we discuss how your system works and give you advice on Maintenance, now here is a Troubleshooting Section and Checklist to help save time and money on diagnosis and repairs for your cars A/C.

The following Guide, Tips and Worksheet will help us to save you time and money once you schedule your A/C check.

The most common problem experienced when turning on  your auto's air conditioning system is a lack of cool air or an intermitant level of temperature. There are many possible reasons for this but the most common in newer cars is simply a low Freon level, in which case a relatively simple and affordable system recharge will solve the problem.

There are however other instances where the problem may be due to any of one or more different functions or parts malfunctioning. Some of the more common are small leaks in the system such as hoses or connector valves in the A/C unit itself, the A/C's Clutch could be malfunctioning. The A/C cannister could be defective, etc.

auto air conditioning unit compressor
A quick look at a typical modern auto A/C compressor shown above shows the many different elements that must be connnected in order for the compressor to do it's job. Hoses must be connected and tightened proplerly, the belt has it's own specific location to turn the unit, and various connectors for the A/C recharge to function. Any one of these exhibiting a faulty connection or improper fitting could cause the unit to malufunction.

All Car Speciailists use the most modern technology availalbe that help save you money and speed up your repair by locting the exact problem as quickly as possible so the repair can be performed in as short as time as possible, getting you in and out without needless guess work. Your trouble shooting also helps our technicians to decided with equipment to start with and that can save time as well.

While you will not be able to perform specific tests in Troubleshooting your A/C's problem before you come into the shop, and by the way, you shouldn't attempt to do so, there are a few things you can look for and make note of in checking for a more serious obvious problem. We recommend you do this 'After' you have completed All Car Specialists Consumer Auto A/C Checklist from Inside your car.

This Troubleshooting Checklist and Visual/Audio Examination is NOT designed as a Complete Diagnosis, but rather a 'Visual Observation' once you have made note of the symptoms on your Checklist. This check can be performed with the Engine Running and your A/C turned on to Maximum by raising the Hood on  your auto and doing a Visual and Audio observation. But WARNING - for SAFETY, DO NOT reach inside of the engine compartment at anytime or touch any moving parts or get clothing near moving parts. Instead just step back at a Safe distance and just look for the A/C unit/compressor wihch should look something like the sample featured above, and do a simple visual/audio of the unit looking for any signs of hose leakage, belt slipping or clutch activation or freezing of any moving part. The clutch is usually in the front part of the A/C and should kick on and off at various times while the A/C is on. The Clutch should not be engaged when the A/C is turned off.

One Major potential problem that could be visually obvious right off is in the case of a frozen clutch-pulley and you her a squeal or see signs of smoke or unusual heat coming from the front of the A/C as the Belt tries to spin the clutch. If the Clutch is frozen you should immediately turn off the A/C and restart your engine. If the Serpentine Belt that is connected to the A/C that spins the pulley is still frozen then immediately shut off your engine and call All Car Specialists right away. Any attempts to drive your auto under those circumstances could cause severe damage to the engine, as if the Belt breaks due to heat and friction of the frozen A/C then none of your other components that rely on the belt would continue to function and that could be costly.

Remember, what you're really looking for as a Consumer is the more Serious and Obvious Problem, not the finite diagnosis, that's what All Car is here to help you with.

At some shops all you get is a smile and friendly handshake, at All Car you get a guarantee that the problem we find is what is going to fix your car.

For the most reliable and affordable automotive A/C repairs in the San Gabriel Valley give All Car Specialists a call today.

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