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Some worthy organizations we have Donated to and Participate in

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All Car's Charities, Services and Contributions Center


At All Car Specialists not only provides great auto repair but we give back to the community as well.

We feel it is important to give back because our customers are what always comes first. In some small way we just want everyone to know understand that this helps to serve as an illustration of a Family Owned and Operated business to our customers. There are areas we feel are important with regards to both civic and community functions that are deserving of notoriety. This also serves to show everyone the kind of organizations we feel worthy of Donation considerations and the service involvements we sponsor.


*NEW! - Announcement - 2015 State Final Student Auto Skills Contest
All Car Specialists gave a Scholarship to student and participant Nilson Lazo from Mark Keppel High School, Alhambra, CA.k Paul Brow - All Car Specialists, is also a part of the Advisory Board of their Automotive Department.

Ca High School Student Automotive Skills Contest sponsored by AAA, Ford and Hertz - April Event
Paul Brow helped judge the contest where the students were given a 90 minute time frame to dianose and repair the car. The Winner was determined by time it takes to repair the auto with least amount of faults and the highest number of accurate corrections all in an attempt to restore the Cars back to their factory like condiion. Those finalists who diagnosed and corrected the most amount of faults scored the highest.

ca schools student automotive contest judge Paul Brow from photo

Paul Brow, owner All Car Specialists shown above in the White Shirt and Blue AAA Hat seen judging a pair of entrants. Paul was responsible for ensuring that all vehicles were as-is from the factory before he installed the 'Fault's for the Students to Diagnose and Correct.

All brand new cars were identical as were all installed faults. Paul had the task of inspecting each vehicle prior to and during the judging to ensure that each car was is perfect running condition to start and also to ensure that identical faults were duplicated in each vehicle to establish a level of fairness for all participants prior to the start of the contest. Multiple Scholarships with up to $100,000 were given out to participants.Tool scholoarship and educational scholarships. The Winner goes on to National Championships in Detroit. AAA, Ford and Hertz sponsored the California Student Skills Contest and helped organize and pay for event. Hertz provides brand new cars and Ford manufacturered all of the faulty parts for the contest to ensure an equal and fair level of diagnosis and skill.


Here are some of the Charities and Services we provide for Organizations of San Gabriel Valley areas and Beyond that we try and help and support.


Automotive Service Council
Sacramento, CA

'Paul Brow - Past President' Chapter 5
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Automotive Department Board Member for:

East LA Collegeauto tech board member for east los angeles college Pasadena City Collegeauto tech board member for Pasadena City college Rio Hondo Collegeauto tech board member for rio hondo college

*East Los Angeles College Auto Tech Program Professor Since 2005

48th Annual Automotive Technician Awards
Alhambra Unified School District Mark Keppel High School48th annual automotive technical awards alhambra unified school district event from photoaward appreciation from Mark Keppel high school as Automotive Mentor for students from photo
Mark Keppel Appreciation Award to Paul Brow owner of All Car Specialsits in San Gabriel, for Mentoring new students for the School. ASE master Automotive and light truck Technician with L1,2,3 - Teacher at ELAC college- advance automotive courses- California brake and lamp certified Bosch certified - Alternative fuels certified - Diesel Certified- Hybrid certified. Advisory Board member for Automotive departments of: Elac College, PCC and Rio Hondo Colleges.

Five Acres Foundation
Altadena, CA
charity donations and contributor to five acres foundation

Maranatha High School Theater Arts
Pasadena, CA

contributor to marantha high school pasadena photo

San Gabriel Seagulls - Swim Team Sponsor
San Gabriel, CA

contributions to san gabriel sea gulls school ca from

● San Gabriel Christian Auction

● 999 Police- Toys for Christmas

● Occidental Baseball

● Theatrical Arts T.C

● Namo Amitabha Society


● Alhambra Rotary Charities Foundation




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