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Cooling System Winter Tips
cooling system winterize tips

Keeping Your Auto 'Cool' is NOT just something that's needed for Summer. Here All Car Specialists provides you with some Valuable Cooling System Tips and WHY they're Necessary!

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It's NOT just your A/C that requires a Steady Cooling System Temperature
Read on and find out some Important Tips and Learn the "Whys!"

Ok, so you live in Southern California with Winter Temperatures rarely dropping below 45 degrees in most areas, so why is it important to keep your Cooling System maintained in the Winter?
Our Section on our Cooling System Summer Maintenance Section discussed what All Car suggests for your Summer Maintenance and keeping your A/C system running cool. But Fall is the time to recheck your System because there may be times when you want to to visit snowy areas, skiing, and other Winter Activities and your car has to be ready when you are for those times.

Important Consumer Tips
In summer temperatures of over 90 degrees the temperature under your hood can reach 200-250 degrees, but those termperature ranges don't change much more drastically than that even in Winter periods of much lower temperatures. Remember, most of the modern cars are designed to run at higher temperatures and thermostats of 225 degrees are fairly standard.

cooling system maintenance saves money
See how the parts in the photo above could have saved $1500 worth of repairs by periodical Maintenance

Here's a Scientific Fact no Mechanic can dispute, and it is not only an Important Maintenance consideration in keeping your car running smooth and lasting longer, but it is also a good illustration to show the importance.:
Heat + Friction = Wear

The hotter you subject your car's moving and connecting parts to become, the more wear you can expect from them. While you may feel that applies mainly to your engine and transmission, it also applies to your Radiator, Hoses, Connectors which most modern cars use a lot of Plastic, Wiring,and Rubber in their components.  Plastic and Wires suffer under constant overheating exposure. Even though hoses and wires are generally not moving, they have fluids and elcectrical curren't 'Moving' through them. Your Radiator and Thermostat are designed to keep your auto running at a constant termperature and prolong the life of those parts. One of the other very important factos is that most newer autos use a lot of Aluminum and Aluminum does not last long once overheated too many times and that can inlcude the  Engine Heads, a very costly Repair should that happen.

Now that we have explained that Formula to you, you can see the value in ensuring that your auto's colling system ins maintained, All the Time, Summer and Winter.

Here are Some Visual Consumer Tips You Can Check Youself Periodically:

*Safety Note: IMPORTANT - FREE Check from All Car
When opening the Hood of your Auto, even doing simple Oil and Transmission dip stick checks. Avoid wearing Long Sleeve loose clothing as it could get caught in moving parts and that can be very bad.
We don't suggest you check your Fluids yourself for both Safety and Accuracy, so the next time you're in the area, just bring your car into all car and we'll be happy to check them for you at No Cost while you wait.

Consumer Automotive Tips - Winterize Your Cooling System

Engine Off
Always do a VISUAL Walkaround before starting your car. Look under the front end, you'll be able to see any radiator leak and oil leaks if there should be any from a few of the parts in the very front of the car.

Engine Running - Leak Check
Pull your car up just enough so you can see the area where it was parked or sitting for a period of time. If you see any leaks, draw a rough diagram of your car and put an X where the leak was. Check to see if it is Red or Darker. Red is usually a sign of a Tramsission fluid leak, all other is usually Oil or Radiator Fluid.
engine cooling system components

Engine Running - Under the Hood - VISUAL and AUDIO Observation ONLY
With your car in Park and the Parking Break on do a walk around a safe way to do this is to keep your hands down away from the interior of the engine compartment and walk so you avoid touching the car as you walk. This will position you close enough but ensure a safe distance to do a Visual and Audio observation.
Radiator Hose worn diagram
Above photo shows worn fraid edges where it connects to the Radiator. These worn edges around where they connect and where the clamps are can cause leaks

Driving Check
Listen and Feel for any unusual sounds or vibrations and if your auto has a Temperature Gauge be sure that it fuxuates between the correct temperatures. A Car with a 225 degree Thermostat will sometimes run, depending on stop and go situations, between 210 and 225 degrees. The Thermostat is designed to stay shut initially until the engine reaches 225 degrees, then it opens to let the Radiator Fluid Flow through the engine ports and Radiator.
Thermostat auto oldthermostat new
Above Photo Left < Old Thermostat - Right > New Thermostat showing the Springs

*Thermostat Option Possibility - If your car is overheating your Autos Thermostat could need replacing as over time corrosion can cause them to stick. Or even if your car is constantly running at 225 degrees and you'd feel more comfortable with a lower Thermostat, such as 195, 185, etc., stop by and see Paul and ask him if your car would be able to support a lower thermostat. Thermostats are not that expensive and some people do change them out to a lower one so your car runs at a cooler operating termperature, but it all depends on your specific make and model. Paul will be happy to let you know if this is an Option for you.

PROPER Anti-Freeze - Fluids
To understand this topic you must first realize that today's Automobile Radiators are made of different metals such as Aluminum and Plastic that require very specific fluid types. While this may sound boring and a typical AD for our services or a Parts Store, it is not. The Reason, today's vehicles have a lot of different metals that require a certain mixture of fluid for their function. Put the Wrong Anti Freeze in a new car and it can cause a lot of unwelcome and expensive repair problems, Domestic Cars even many different makes as well as Foreign all have their own specific requirements. So, the best way is to always check with your manufacturers statement, most vehicle guides will state their recommended fluid types,
*By the way, this also goes for Oil, Transmission and Brake fluids as well.

Keeping your car's Cooling System running as it should on a constant basis can save you a lot of money in repairs as we outlined in our Section on Summer Automotive Cooling System Servicing.  Remember, your automobile's Automatic Transmission has coolant lines running to it to keep your transmission fluid and transmission running cool, a very important part of your transmissions. Some transmissions are designed to just Shut Down if they heat up too much and you certainly don't want that.

As stated before in our Summerize Your Cooling System Section, your auto's cooling system is probably the single most important part of your engine. When components heat up too much for too long they can fail or brake. It's like exercising in the middle of Death Valley in the summer, if you don't keep cool and fluid you're in serious trouble!

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Inspection of your Hoses and Cooling System and Heater Core
distilled water - to keep the radiator running clean with  manufacturer mixture
inspection of cooling system components, thermostat, fans, water pumps

At some shops all you get is a smile and friendly handshake, at All Car you get a guarantee that the problem we find is what is going to fix your car.

Remember, it is far cheaper to maintain your old car than let it go or buying a new one at times. You can check out a couple of our Videos on Fluid Maintenance and Transmission Maintenance to help save you a lot of money in the future.

For the most reliable and affordable Cooling System Services in the San Gabriel Valley give All Car Specialists a call today.

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