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The word 'ALL CAR' in All Car Specialists means exactly what it says, 'All Cars'. This is what makes Paul Brow the obvious choice over Dealership Service Departments and Regular Auto Repair Shops when deciding where to take your Vette, regardless of Year in Southern California.

The confusion to many regular automobile owners on where to take their car into for servicing, maintenance and repairs when it is 'out of warranty', defines this classic 1959 Corvette Service. From the Featured '59' Vette to the Newer Advanced ZR1 sophisticated computerized model, the historic transformation difference offers the perfect illustration between taking your car into a Dealership Service Department, regular auto repair shop or a place like All Car Specialists. See why All Car Specialists of Southern California is the Smart & Solid Solution and Answer for not just newer autos but older and classic cars like this 1959 Corvette taken to Paul Brow for maintenance and servicing adjustments.
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1959 Corvette Auto Repair to Today's Computerized Models... by Paul Brow

A Classic Comes to All Car!
Auto Repair and Maintenance on 'non-computerized' Classics

1959 Classic Corvette Auto Repair Center
This beautiful 1959 Corvette (Featured above), got all of its body work done at Formula 1 and was then taken to All Car Specialists for a full mechanical diagnosis and servicing. All of necessary adjustments, maintenance and repairs were done in order to ensure that this classic car runs as well as it did when it came off the showroom floor in 1959. Paul's years of expert repair work on specialty car repairs and on having the contacts and ability to obtain the right parts for these specialized autos, proved invaluable on this prized classic Corvette.

This is an era where there were no computerized components in automobiles. While Paul has the most advanced and updated skills and equipment in the industry, sometimes working on an older model high performance automobile can be more difficult. The main reason is that Paul must rely on his experience not computerized diagnositcs that don't apply to this older sports car.

No matter what year or make auto you have, just knowing a little about Paul's history in working with all types of vehicles gives you a comfort zone you won't get anywhere else at other repair shops.

All Car Specialists vs Dealership Service Departments and Normal Repair Shops
- 'No-How' vs 'Know-How' -

Modern ZR1 Corvette with Advanced Computer Systems
corvette ZR1 advanced computerized tuneup
"The All Car Specialists Advantage"

The Dramatic technology differences between the 1959 non-computerized Corvette and the newer ZR1 High Performace model with advanced computerized systems is a good example of how All Car has evolved. With constant training and certifications for advanced and modern automobilies including hybrids, diesels and the new trend, electric cars and prior years of working on all makes/models since the 70's, All Car does it all.
Late Model Corvette Alignment specialists
All Car Specialists are Corvette Alignment Specialists

This vast wide array of work on all makes/models of automobiles, trucks, vans and suv's, gives All Car a distinct crossover advantage of years of working on non-computerized autos of yesterday to the newest high tech autos of today. All Cars' technology has the ability to be applied to older cars as well as the new modern makes and models, that most dealers and regular repairs shops are unable to work on. From Classic Vettes of the 60's to the latest high performace Corvettes.

If you want to understand a realization or illustration this Classic 59 Corvette and New ZR1 High Performance Vette, All Car Specialists worked on, shows a good example of 'Where to Take Your Speciatly Car in for Repairs'.

Let's say you are the owner of this Classic Vette and it needed mechanical work, would you take it to a Ford Dealer? Sure, you could, but you'd just end up being turned away because almost all dealer's service departments only work on the Make that they are franchised for. Not for legal reasons or conflicts with their Franchise terms and conditions, but mainly for two other reasons.

#1 Because they simply don't have the experience, understanding, or just plain 'No-How'. That's right, 'No-How', because they just don't 'Know How' to deal with it.

#2 Their parts deparment wouldn't carry any of the parts that would even fit your make automobile.

The Average Auto Repair Shop
Try taking it to a normal repair shop, most likely they'll tell you they'll take a look at it and 'try and figure out what it needs' and get back to you. Ouch! and Double Ouch!! That's why you won't hear any of that from All Car Specialists. Got a Classic Dodge Hemi Charger? Bring it to Paul. Got a Mustang or Cobra? Got a Vette, bring it to Paul. If Paul says he can't work on your make or model it was probably built on another Planet. It's not that he couldn't, but he might have a hard time getting parts.
1959 Corvette Side View
The real moral of the story that this scenario presents is that  when you have a prized older automobile like this 1959 First Generation Corvette you don't want the repair shop guessing on what's wrong and then looking on the internet to try and figure out how to fix it while searching all day for parts on 'Your' time. Very few of them can handle 'ALL CARS', and you could end up with the wrong fix using the wrong part.

Paul and All Car Specialists - 'Your Comfort Zone'
Be Comfortable and bring it in to All Car Specialsits and see Paul Brow, but just don't be surprised if he doesn't act curious about your particular make or model, because he's worked on them ALL before.

All Car Specialists is also a AAA Star Smog Center for both Test and Repair


1959 Corvette
First generation Corvette (1953–1962)
Only 9,670 production models made

BASE PRICE: $3,875
BASE STYLES: Convertible
BASE ENGINE: 283 cubic inches, 230 horsepower
ENGINE OPTIONS: 283/230, 283/245, 283/270, 283/250 (fuel injection), 283/290 (fuel injection)

1959 Corvette COLOR CHOICES: Snowcrest White, Roman Red, Tuxedo Black, Frost Blue, Crown Sapphire, Classic Cream, Inca Silver
SERIAL NUMBERS: J59S100001 - J59S109670

The 59 Vette introduced the first black interior and dash storage bin and was the only year with a turquoise top. The louvers and chrome strips from '58' model that preceded it were removed.
The 1958 Corvette received a body and interior freshening from the initial models, which included a longer front end with quad headlamps, bumper exiting exhaust tips, a new steering wheel, and a dashboard with all gauges mounted directly in front of the driver. Exclusive to the 1958 model were hood louvers and twin trunk spears.

The '59' engine advancements included an 8000 rpm tachometer used with the 270 hp (200 kW) and 290 hp engines, rather than the 6000 rpm units used in the lower horespower engines. The 59 Vette Engine options included two with twin carburetors (including a 270 hp model with Carter 2613S and 2614S WCFB four-barrels) and two with fuel injection. Power output for the highest rated fuel-injected engine was 290 hp. Displacement remained 283 cid. For the first time, seat belts were factory-installed rather than being dealer-installed as on previous models. Rare options were RPO 684 heavy-duty brakes and suspension, RPO 579 250 hp engine, RPO 276 15"×5.5" wheels

Interesting Corvette History Facts
The 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Racer

The Corvette StingRay Racer (Featured below), was designed by Bill Mitchell, GM Vice President of styling, and Larry Shinoda in 1959.

1959 Corvette Concept Project Racer
The Corvette StingRay Racer was designed by Bill Mitchell, GM Vice President of styling, and Larry Shinoda in 1959. The basis of the Stingray was an engineering test mule chassis for the foundation of an official Chevrolet race effort culminating with the 24 Hours of LeMans. But, soon after its race debut, the Automobile Manufacturer's Association had banned manufacturer-sponsored racing, and the SS had been relegated to test track duty.

Precision 'Hands-On' Mechanical adjustments vs Computerized Technologies and Diagnosis
lae model corvette high performance engine
While modern Computerized high-performance engines like this newer Corvette Engine featured above, receive Precision Diagnostics and tune-up maintenance from All Car's Highly Skilled shop equipped wtith the latest in modern automotive technology, older claissic models like the 59 Vette required experience and technician's skills. As mentioned earlier, classic cars like the 59 Corvette customer of All Car's, required precision mechanical adjustments without the use or availability of computerized diagnosis. There were no on-board computer systems in these earlier makes and models, of older automobile. Therefore the mechanics who worked on these higher performance cars needed to 'Know-How' to make the right maintenance, valve-carbuerator adustments and timeing. These adjustments involved mainly tools,scopes and a history of trial and error adjustment in order to get the settings to exact maximum performance. The odd thing is that even though these earlier mechanics did not have the luxury of the modern technologies and computerized systems of today, many of these higher performing time-tested adjustments found there way into the advanced systmes of today as a guide to maximum performance levels. What sets Paul and his Advanced All Car Specialists auto repair shop aside from any other, including the dealership service departments is that Paul has experience in 'Both'.

Watch an Introduction and Important Servicing Tips Video by Paul Brow - Owner All Car Specialists


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Watch an Automatic Transmission Maintenance and Servicing Tip Video from Gale's Friend - Paul, and see another reason why AAA rates All Car Specialists at the Top.

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