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San Gabriel, CA

So Cal's Luxury and Standard Car Repair Service Center of San Gabriel Valley

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All Car - Your Luxury Car's Friend
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Luxury Car Maintenance
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Complete and Expert Everyday and Luxury Car Maintenance - Tune-up - Repair Services ranging from Minor to Major Repairs of all kinds


From Every Day Vehicles to Exotic Luxury Car Repairs and Maintenance All Car is So-Cal's One Stop Service Center

Tune-ups, Rack & Pinion, Electrical, Timing, Struts - Shocks to Manual and Automatic Transmission Services

From Imports to Domestics
All Car Helps Your Luxury Car "Drive in Style!"

Luxury cars have a fairly wide range of categories associated with them, everything from Exotic European cars like Bentleys, Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz to Domestics like Cadillacs and Lincolns, saving others like Corvettes, Vipers and Cobras to compare to Ferraris, Porches and Lotus  to battle it out for the Sports Car division.

With modern day techology implementations advancing at rapid paces in onboard computer systems, today's modern automobiles and especially Luxury cars require a significant amount of skill and advanced diagnostic equipment just to discover the exact problem, let a lone to fix it. The days of the backyard-mechanic on the newer cmputerized vehciles just won't cut it anymore. It is on this note that before you spend you time going from shop to shop that you consider a shop that is as qualified as any New Car Dealer service department in servicing, repairing and maintaining your Luxury cars systems. Yes, while New Cars may come with a factory warranty there are those times when a dealer simply does not get the job done, or perhaps your warranty has expired on your car. This is where All Car Specialists comes in to save you time and money on maintenance and repairs. Also, most dealers have a huge markup on parts and labor whereas at All Car you'll know what to expect right from the start.

If you are experiencing any kind of problem or are simply unsure of the best maintenance and self-controlled vehicle tips for your auto, be it a compact, sedan or full out Luxury car, give All Car Specialists a call or drive on in and let us check it our for you for everything from:

Fluid Checks and Types to Use

Wheel Alignment, Brakes and Rotor Checks, Repairs and Maintenance

Tune-ups and System Checks


Transmissions and Electrical Systems and Shorts

Batteries, Tires, Brakes and Headlamps

What is important about All Car Specialists Services is that 'Our' name says it all, 'All Cars'. That's a very important factor as how many times have talke to someone who complained that they took their car to a place that says they don't 'normally' service those kinds of vehicles, or maybe it happened to you? You'd be surprised at just how often that does occur.

All Car Specialists is the 'Only' name you'll need to remember for any and all of your automobiles needs. Feel free to give Paul Brow a call and talk to  him in person, Paul will be glad to answer any of your questions, or just stop by and say 'Hi!' You'll be Glad you did, and so will your Car.

Maintenance is your best preventative medicine for  your Car!

No Matter how economical or exotic your car is All Car has the experience and technology to address any of it's needs

Call us Today for a Question or a Quote

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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday by Appointment.

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326 & 330 S Del Mar Ave.
San Gabriel CA 91776

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Complete Auto Repair and Maintenance from Economy Cars to SUV's and Luxury Cars
Glendora to Glendale to Azusa to Aracadia

Expert Tune-up and Maintenance on Luxury Vehicles of all kinds
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To some a Luxury Car is a Cadillac or Mercedes Benz, to others it's their Toyota or Chevy Sedan

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Whatever Your Luxury Car is you can feel comfortable in the fact that All Car is your One Stop Service Center for every possible auto repair, mechanical or maintenance solution!

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Watch our ALL CAR Introduction and Consumer Tips Video
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Money Saving Transmission Repair and Maintenance Tips Video
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