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Don't throw parts at your Car to see what works because you want to see if you can save money, it'll just cost you more! It's cheaper to run a diagnostics right off the bat in order narrow down and pinpoint exactly what the main problem is, you never know, it could be something very simple such as a fraid or loose wire or connection. And don't be caught being an internet mechanic or one that goes everyplace in town buying and replacing all kinds of parts and only having to end up having to get a diagnostic any way, that is a complete waste of a whole bunch of money on parts and labor. Don't believe everything you run across on the internet simply because some forum has a whole bunch of people with a similar problem because you think that you have to have the exact same problem. You may have similar symptoms but different problems may exist requiring different solutions. Remember, their car is 'not' your car and you don't know what other issues their car may have. You must rely on a good technician to determine what's wrong and exactly what it takes to fix it. At All Car that is what we do, we don't try to 'fix it to find the problem' - we 'find the problem to fix it!'

It's really not much different that any other professional business, you have got to be able to trust the mechanic and shop especially with a car that has intermittent problems, so don't' start replacing parts that it doesn't need. Another thing is that sometimes people go to a local auto parts store and they'll plug in a cheap scanner that says its a certain part only to find out they end up replacing things that were done wrong to begin with. Some parts are crap and don't work right or don't work at all by putting on cheap parts from overseas, you wouldn't do your own brain transplant would you?

At All Car Specialists of San Gabriel Valley, our Diagnostics usually run between $55 to $220 and sometimes our diagnostics charges are even free, just ask us when you come in. There are a few occasional instances where sometimes we would need to replace a known-obvious bad part before a diagnostics can be performed. such as a bad battery, in order to diagnose an electrical problem, but we'll let you know that right up front, if it wasn't already obvious to you at the time.

At some shops all you get is a smile and friendly handshake, at All Car you get a guarantee that the problem we find is what is going to fix your car.

Remember, it is far cheaper to maintain your old car than let it go or buying a new one at times. You can check out a couple of our Videos on Fluid Maintenance and Transmission Maintenance to help save you a lot of money in the future.

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Money Saving Transmission Repair and Maintenance Tips Video
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No Matter how economical or exotic your car is All Car has the experience and technology to address any of it's needs

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326 & 330 S Del Mar Ave.
San Gabriel CA 91776
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