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Important Consumer Tips for your Auto's Tranmission Servicing

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Transmission  Diagnostics, Service and Maintenance

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Transmission Services
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Service Your Transmission to keep it Running Cool During Hot Summer Months!



Transmission Maintenance and Prevention

Keeping it Cool and the Flush vs Change Controversy

Transmission Fluid Change and Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs

How it is important to keep your transmission fluid cool by keeping your engine running at an optimal temperature? Very Important is the short answer. There is a coolant line running from  your transmission to your cooling system's radiator where coolant/antifreeze flows that helps cool your tranmission fluid. Keeping your Transmission Cool especially during hot summer months if very important to the shifting and running condition. Read our Section on Cooling System Services to see how this helps maintain your Transmission.

Transmission Flush vs Drain and Change

The Transmission Flush
A transmission flush removes old fluid from the transmission of a vehcile and replaces it with new fluid, usually between 6-12 quarts, depending on the vehicle. This process also helps to remove residue from the converters, coolers and cooler lines. There are wide ranging views and opinions about whether transmission flushes are necessary or potentially counterproductive. Some people say that conducting regular transmission flushes will enhance the function and extend the life of the vehicle's transmission. Others say that transmission flushes using high pressure are unnecessary and can damage the vehicle's transmission valves and seals, especially in older and/or higher mileage cars, vans, trucks and SUV's.

Important Note:
Flushes usually contain chemicals to get all the dirt, corrosion and debris out -
At ACS we know when to flush and when not to.
The Wrong Time is when you start experience problems, like slipping or if you have an older high mileage car.
The Right Time is during regular service maintenance intervals that All Car Refers to regarding Manufacturer specified servicing periods

Fluid Drain and Filter Change
This procedure or service is widely considered the most popular and protectively problem preventative service. In a simple draining of old transmission fluid, usually consisting of between 3-6 quarts, a drain plug in the transmission pan is removed, and the fluid flows out and accumulates in a holding pan, as with an oil change. This process does not involve using hgih pressure and makes it possible to remove the majority of the older fluid, while it does not thoroughly cleanse the system, such as draining/flushing the stockpile contained in the Torque Converter,it is easier on the seals and other components. The result is that there still is a bit of older fluid and residue in the system. When this is the case, the old fluid will mix with the new fluid, which might reduce the effectiveness of the new fluid. However, this process is considerably more friendly to your transmissions components and seals and when doing this procedure and replacing the old Filter with a New one, this function can generally provide a considerably decent servicing for your transmission. Transmission Filters can and do get clogged with occasional metal parts that can restrict the flow of fluid during driving and shifting. A New Filter gives a fresh clean start allowing the fluid to flow evenly and unrestricted.

Important! Be Sure - Before you Pay Out!
Before you sign on the dotted line with any shop to do a transmission repair, bring in your vehicle to All Car Specialsts and sometimes just dropping the Pan on the Transmission can reveal a clogged Filter and dirty fluid that by doing a much more cost affordable service can eleviate the transmissions problems you were experiencing. This is a lot cheaper than simply letting any shop tell you your transmission needs replaced or rebuilt if it  really doesn't need it.
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*Also, the Right Type of Fluid is Extremely Important!
Remember, with Newer cars the type of fluid becomes more specific and important, otherwise even warranties can be voided. You can't just throw any type of fluid in these newer cars, there's no such thing as one size fits all.

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All Car's Transmission Services include:

- Test Drive to check various shifting speeds

- Fluid Check for Levels and Quality of existing fluid consistency

- Drop Transmission Pan, Drain Fluid and Install New Filter

- Leak inspection during transmission service

At some shops all you get is a smile and friendly handshake, at All Car you get a guarantee that the problem we find is what is going to fix your car.

Remember, it is far cheaper to maintain your old car than let it go or buying a new one at times. You can check out a couple of our Videos on Fluid Maintenance and Transmission Maintenance to help save you a lot of money in the future.

For the most reliable and affordable automotive A/C repairs in the San Gabriel Valley give All Car Specialists a call today.

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